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Granted it does seem a little early in the life of Ninja Chimp Studios to be talking about branching out from Space Clash and Cry Baby! Work on both of those continues, never fear.

However as many indy developers learn, sometimes you have to get something into the stores quickly to prove your pipeline, kickstart your market presence and learn some lessons on smaller titles so that your “dream game” can go as seamlessly as possible.

Our first of these small, casual games is Gardening Simulator, which gives private citizens of New Zealand the ability to engage in gardening without compromising their safety or the integrity of their native biohabitat. If this has you confused, I’d recommend you research the New Zealand gardening ban on Reddit’s /r/NewZealand (as always with Reddit links, exercise discretion at work!)

Our second game is a VR title for Cardboard and GearVR called Carnival VR. It’s a series of carnival games – duck shoot, whack-a-mole etc – expanding on the work we did on Boxy Boosh for our local CoderDojo.

Boxy Boosh

Boxy Boosh

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