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A week or so ago I discovered my favourite podcast was holding a fan art competition. I saw that as a challenge to make them an RPG Roguelike game, based on the content of their podcast.

It closes on 6 September so I’ll have full details after that. I’m really happy with the way dev is going, it’s helping me a lot with sprite animation, including forcing me to learn Tiled, and I got to do some cool things with render textures to make the menu system.

Done: Steel thread through the app, with menus and level progression (including unlocks) sorted.  First two levels done. A thousand thanks again to Asset Jesus, without whom I would still be tooling around in Photoshop trying to draw grass.

To do: combat/negotiation system, main GUI, mobile controls.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking I’m bouncing around like crazy from project to project, and I am. Right now I’m still in learning mode, and I’m pursuing quick wins that will give me benefits in the long run as I tackle the larger projects. The /r/gamedev wisdom of “don’t make your dream game your first game” is something I’ve taken to heart.

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