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Where have I been? The curse of the indie has struck and I’ve been snowed under with my income-earning work, which has left precious few hours for the studio.

This meant I couldn’t finish the 2d roguelike in time for the Dragon Friends competition, and most other development stalled for a few months.

I’ve picked up again lately though after deciding that I just had to make time for the studio, and work has started on Pancakes: the Dragon Friends prequel.  From the GDD:

In the grand tradition of the Dragon Friends skirting the edges of trademark and copyright with characters such as “Nuke Dukem”, the ska band “Mighty Mighty Hearthstones” and a protodragon familiar named “Bushu”, we decided to build a tribute game set in a universe eerily similar but definitely not the same as that the Dragon Friends inhabit, chronicling the backstory of one Bobby Pancakes, halfling rogue.  The resemblance to Bobby Pancakes, halfling rogue, in the Dragon Friends is purely coincidental.

It’s a 3D RPG, mostly on rails with a tongue-in-cheek comedy feel. More to come. I’m trying to find a simple way to do time tracking on the project so I can hold myself to reporting – if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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